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.eggplant, I Love You – The Scrambled Image

"Eggplant, I Love You – The Scrambled Image” is a project that deals with the subject of alternative facts, propaganda, negative stereotypes and visual lies. It is a story about Iran. It holds a narrative that moves between history and present-day, reality and illusion, hopes and dreams. It offers a counter point of view from the mass media and draws an alternative picture of Iran and its people.

The consequences of the media role for creating a reality seem largely negative, promoting apathy and cynicism. In this project I try to break these negative conceptions and introduce more positive story. Something that is as much real as the one portrayed by the news media - another reality and truth among plethora of other truths. I aim to leave the spectator with a question: what is truth and how much our perception and judgment are manipulated by others?

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