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.It has neither name nor place

It has neither name nor place is a work that explores the concept of space and location. It’s a study of mindscapes and cities located in the mental space between our memories and imagination. These images are not clear and sharp like photographs are. They are not two-dimensional or even three-dimensional. They are always multi-layered and a combination of various sensations. They never appear to us in the same form as we saw or experienced them. They are distorted, washed-out and incomplete. A mixture and a collection of different memories and locations. New cities and places, mindscapes created by our imagination.

The artworks are creating a dialogue with the book of Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities (1972). Invisible Cities is build on a narrative which paints an image about the midscapes of our imagination: of cities and places that are located only in the minds of humans. In his book Calvino describes 55 fictional cities through the story of the famous Venetian explorer Marco Polo. In the book Marco Polo tells stories and describes these cities to the Emperor of Mongolia, Kublai Khan.

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